Summer's Christmas Wish 2016

Back by popular demand; based on the best seller

When Water Was Free.

If you attend one Christmas production this year, make it Summer's Christmas Wish.


Click the video below to see what a few theater goers had to say about Summer's Christmas Wish.

Summer's Christmas Wish

The story of a young girl's dream to see her father again, following his tragic death on Christmas Day while serving in Iraq. Naomi, the wife of the decorated soldier, is tasked with re-shaping their lives following his untimely death.  Oh yes, there's drama!  The day prior to his death, the other woman calls, and it took a village to suppress the hell that broke loose.  In the midst of it all, see how a young girl's innocent faith opens the eyes and hearts of her family.  She shows them what can happen if you just believe!

Celebrate everything that makes Christmas special with us, family, friendship and forgiveness.  Sing along with us, dance in the aisles with us.  You'll definitely laugh, and some may even cry.   Whatever you do, don't miss

"Summer's Christmas Wish 2016."